Why Storytelling?

Gail Nyoka is a master of the music of language…This is storytelling at its best.
Pippin, the newsletter of Storytelling Toronto

Storytelling is an oral art form, one of the oldest and most profound. It can take many forms and incorporate different styles. It is an art form where the listener/audience member is a full participant in the story because the storyteller‘s art is one where he or she creates scenes within the mind of the listener.

There is power in stories: for self-realization, for growth, and change.

Not just for children, stories challenge us all, opening up new pathways in thinking and reflection. Enjoyable and deeply satisfying, stories engage and guide us in life.

And, yes, storytelling is for children, too, increasing literacy, vocabulary, skills in speaking and thinking, empathy and problem solving.

Storytelling is for hospices, nursing homes, social agencies, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, community groups, schools, libraries, gatherings of adults, teens and children.

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