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Star’s Reflection

Even in ancient times, the magic that made the mirror of Het Heru had been a mystery. The mirror is handed to the chosen successor of each High Priestess of the ancient Egyptian temple.

Is it by chance that the mirror is now in the hands of two fourteen-year-old students living in present-day Toronto? They can see into the past. The old magic weaves into the twenty-first century in this tale of two time periods.

ISBN: 9781784651527

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Mella and the N’anga: An African Tale

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In a great hilltop town held within high stone walls, Mella’s beloved father, the King, lies gravely ill. The land is overcome by drought, and unrest grows between the warrior tribes of the kingdom.

Mella learns the forbidden song that will call the Great N’anga, a strange and powerful figure viewed with suspicion and fear by other townspeople.

Can the N’anga truly help? Is it possible that the health of the King and the land can be restored?

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Mella Mella: A Stage Play


A tale of courage and love from ancient Zimbabwe. Young Mella overcomes fear, and faces danger in order to bring health to her father and restore vitality to her people.

Mella Mella brings a wide assortment of theatrical tools to enrich and enloven the story: music, masks, choreography, mime and shadow puppets add texture to the play. Drums take on a life of their own as they convey atmosphere.

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