Meet the Storyteller

Gail NyokaNovelist, author, playwright, winner of the Chalmers Canadian Play Award: Theatre for Young Audiences.  2015/2016 Nord Family Foundation Fellow at Cleveland Public Theatre.  My newest play, The Waters, was presented at CPT with staged readings.

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I believe that art opens our humanity and gives us tools to live fully in the world. I enjoy working with children, and also telling stories to adults. When storytelling, I like traditional mythology and stories, and also write original material.

My Bones Shall Rise Again is a storytelling/theatrical piece written and performed with Zimbabwean-Canadian Rainos Mutamba. This interdisciplinary presentation tells the story of the bitter fight to save the land that is now Zimbabwe from colonial conquest. Led by the female spirit medium, Nehanda, and her male counterpart, Kavugi, it is the story not only of the physical and political struggle, but their internal struggles.

Other original works have been performed with Theatre Local (Toronto) as part of Nuit Blanche.

I have participated in The Toronto Storytelling Festival, Festival and the Edge, the Chicago Fringe Festival, and presented at libraries, schools and universities in Ontario and British Columbia.

I reside in Ontario and Ohio, and travel locally, nationally, and internationally, and present original works in addition to my repertoire of folk tales.

Some of my original storytelling works

  • Tubman: a different telling of the life and work of the most famous of the conductors who guided former slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad
  • Mrs Garvey: recollections of Marcus Garvey’s first wife and her association with my family
  • Isis the Goddess: Ancient Egyptian mythology brought to life

In order to create change within the physical world and in our society, it is necessary to change the dreams and stories held within the imagination of society.
Delores Whelan

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