Storytelling Programs & Workshops

Ms. Nyoka’s work speaks to basic human nature and transcends limitations of time and place.

Mark Schoenberg, Ph.D., Artistic Director Emeritus, Professional Acting Program, Humber College, Toronto

Experience shows that storytelling can lead to big changes and improvements in people’s lives

Older Adults:

A program can help older adults leave a legacy for their family and descendants.  For those in palliative care or nursing homes, storytelling can help the older person come to terms with the events of their lives, and bring joy and peace.

Challenging Situations:

Many people face homelessness, abuse or imprisonment.  Listening to, and telling stories is valuable because this process bypasses the rational mind, to bring insights into our lives and choices, helping us make changes that will improve our situation.


Storytelling has been shown to improve literacy, oral skills and critical thinking in children and teens.

Let’s talk about creating a custom program for you or your group

Ongoing programs using drama, the spoken word and the written word:

  • Creative drama
  • Story and writing programs
  • Story circles and swaps
  • Summer programs
  • School programs
  • Single school and library author visits
  • African history month stories
  • Performances for festivals and storytelling concerts

Community program

Storytelling for healing and empowerment
For youth and adults, especially those in difficult circumstances.
Stories to provide insight into ourselves, and the effects of the choices we make every day. The program helps participants break down mental barriers and enhances communication. They discuss stories, make use of journaling, and create their own stories, helping critical thinking and developing their own voice.

School program

Helps students develop memory and independent thinking. Through listening to and discussing stories and learning how tell stories, students gain the capacity to structure language and thought and make objective evaluations. Language development helps students throughout all areas of study.

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